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Risk of Ruin Calculator


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A risk of ruin calculator is a tool used by traders and investors to assess the probability of losing their entire trading or investment capital based on their trading strategy and risk management parameters. It helps traders to understand the potential risks associated with their trading approach and to determine if their strategy is likely to result in a total loss of capital.

The risk of ruin is a statistical concept that quantifies the likelihood of losing all of one’s trading capital based on the risk per trade, win rate, and the number of trades taken. It helps traders to objectively evaluate the potential downside risk of their trading strategy and determine if their risk management parameters are appropriate.

The formula for calculating the risk of ruin is:

Risk of Ruin = (1 – (1 – Win Rate)^Number of Trades)^(Risk per Trade/Capital)


  • Win Rate: The percentage of winning trades.
  • Number of Trades: The total number of trades taken.
  • Risk per Trade: The percentage of capital risked per trade.
  • Capital: The total trading or investment capital.

For example, let’s say a trader has a win rate of 60%, takes 100 trades, risks 2% of their capital per trade, and has a total trading capital of $10,000.

Win Rate = 60% Number of Trades = 100 Risk per Trade = 2% Capital = $10,000

Using the formula:

Risk of Ruin = (1 – (1 – 0.60)^100)^(0.02/10000) Risk of Ruin = 0.16 or 16%

So, in this example, the risk of ruin is calculated to be 16%. This means that there is a 16% chance of losing the entire trading capital based on the given trading parameters. Traders can use this information to assess the risk associated with their trading strategy and adjust their risk management parameters accordingly to mitigate the risk of ruin. It’s important to note that a lower risk of ruin percentage indicates a lower likelihood of losing the entire trading capital, while a higher percentage indicates a higher risk of losing the capital. Traders should carefully consider their risk tolerance and use risk management strategies to protect their trading capital. 

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How does a risk of ruin calculator work?

A risk of ruin calculator typically requires inputs such as account balance, risk per trade, win rate, and number of trades. Using these inputs, the calculator estimates the probability of experiencing a certain level of drawdown or losing the entire trading account based on the defined parameters.

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Can a risk of ruin calculator guarantee profitability?

No, a risk of ruin calculator cannot guarantee profitability on its own. It is a tool for risk assessment and management, helping traders understand the potential downside risk associated with their trading strategy. Profitability in trading depends on various factors, including market conditions, trading strategy, and individual skill and experience. A risk of ruin calculator aids in identifying and managing risk, which is an essential aspect of long-term profitability.

where can I trade stocks

What are the benefits of using a risk of ruin calculator?

Using a risk of ruin calculator offers several benefits, including:

1:Risk Assessment: A risk of ruin calculator provides a quantitative assessment of the potential risk of significant drawdowns or complete loss of trading capital.

2:Risk Management: By understanding the probability of ruin, traders can adjust their risk parameters, position sizing, or trading strategy to align with their risk tolerance and protect their capital.

3:Trade Evaluation: The calculator helps traders evaluate the effectiveness of their trading strategy by assessing its risk-reward profile and potential impact on their account balance.

4:Long-Term Sustainability: By considering the risk of ruin, traders can aim for a more sustainable and resilient trading approach, avoiding excessive risk-taking that could jeopardize their trading career.