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Calling all chocolate lovers! If you’re looking for some out of this world delicious chocolate dessert recipes look no further. Serve these up to your sweetheart on Valentines Day and you’ll have their heart forever.

3 velvety layers of white, milk and dark chocolate adorned with whipped cream and chocolate-covered cocoa nibs for a bit of crunch.


Banana and dark chocolate are wrapped in wonton paper and deep fried for a heavenly treat.


A chocolatey, almost sinful take on the classic breakfast dish.

Best Ever Hot Chocolate French Toast1 e1422397572920Best Ever Hot Chocolate French Toast1 e1422397572920Via

A rich and deliciously satisfying combination of caramel, pecans and of course chocolate rolled into a yummy cupcake.

Turtle Cupcakes1 e1422480554836Turtle Cupcakes1 e1422480554836Via

Real deal hot chocolate. The stuff dreams are made from. Thick, rich topped to perfection with fresh whipped cream.

French Hot Chocolate Recipe. The best dark hot chocolate recipe1 e1422397640268French Hot Chocolate Recipe. The best dark hot chocolate recipe1 e1422397640268Via

Half brownie, half tart, wholly delicious.

dark chocolate raspberry brownie tarts1 e1422397937912dark chocolate raspberry brownie tarts1 e1422397937912Via

Strawberries and cream wrapped in a chocolate tuile turn a taco into a luxurious sweet.


BFFs peanut butter and chocolate in a cookie finished with a sprinkle of salt for a perfect treat.


Rich chocolate cream highlighted with espresso and so easy to do.

chocolate pots de creme e1422480301385chocolate pots de creme e1422480301385Via

A pure decadent chocolate tart through and through garnished with fresh raspberries for a fruity finish.

chocolate raspberry tart1 e1422398203561chocolate raspberry tart1 e1422398203561Via

Wine. Cupcakes. Chocolate. Heaven.

chocolate merlot cupcakes e1422398433175chocolate merlot cupcakes e1422398433175Via

A deep dark chocolatey moist cake you won’t be able to get enough of.

black midnight cake1 e1422397353974black midnight cake1 e1422397353974Via

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