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21Shares AG, an issuer of cryptocurrency exchange traded products (ETPs), has announced the launch of the 21Shares Celestia Staking ETP.

The new ETP provides investors with access to Celestia’s staking yields with the added benefit of professional risk management, all while avoiding the need to lock assets directly.

Established in October 2023, Celestia is a Layer 1 modular data availability network designed to revolutionize blockchain scaling and deployment. Its interoperable design leverages a unique consensus mechanism and data availability sampling (DAS) technology, making blockchain infrastructure more secure and close to 99% less expensive to maintain.

The 21Shares Celestia Staking ETP provides a regulated and 100% physically backed way for investors to tap into the growth of Celestia without directly owning the token itself.

“Celestia represents the future of blockchain architecture, and we are thrilled to offer investors the opportunity to participate in its growth through our Celestia ETP,” said Mandy Chiu, Head of Financial Product Development at 21Shares. “As the world’s largest issuer of cryptocurrency ETPs, we are committed to delivering innovative investment products that unlock the potential of emerging blockchain technologies.”

The 21Shares Celestia ETP is available today for trading on the Euronext Paris & Amsterdam exchange, offering investors a convenient and secure avenue to access the transformative potential of Celestia and the broader blockchain ecosystem.

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