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By Enoch Mutembei

The cryptocurrency market has recently been beaming with a bullish trend and BEFE, among Pepe coin and Shiba Inu has not been left behind. These cryptos are currently on a bull run and have investors on their toes wondering whether they have missed the meteoric ship. 

BEFE, is a meme coin inspired by the Pepe coin’s Frog meme. This crypto made its debut to the market in November 2023 and follows in the footsteps of SHIBA INU and PEPE coin. Here, we will explore BEFE coin’s upward trajectory which shows PEPE coin and SHIBA INU – like success!

BEFE Coin’s Price Surge

As of this writing, BEFE meme coin price is at $0.0004294. This price shows a positive trajectory of +5.63% on the day. 

BEFE unnamed

BEFE/USDT price on March 20, 17:33 UTC (Image Source: TradingView)

The coin is trading at a volume of $375,104.19 for the last 24 hours and has a market cap of $43.76M, according to data on CoinMarketCap

With the bull run still in the starting phase, this token has taken the centre stage among other tokens that have hit an all-time high in past weeks. 

What’s Behind the BEFE Price Spike? 

One of the factors that has led to the recent price action of BEFE is the Bitcoin bull run rally of Pepe coin and Shiba Inu. Bitcoin’s bull run has caused turmoil across the whole crypto space causing a ripple effect for several other cryptos including BEFE. 

Another factor that is contributing to its bull run is the simplicity and cross-platform trading capacity of BEFE technological infrastructure. 

Future Price Prediction

With the significant price surge in the last months, BEFE’s market performance says a lot compared to PEPE coin and SHIBA INU. The coin currently has a high buy market sentiment similar to pepe coin and Shiba Inu. Experts are predicting that this crypto is poised for explosive growth similar to what we have seen for Pepe coin and Shiba Inu in the past.  

This futuristic price surge trajectory, however, is not just fad but based on factual market trends. Additionally, BEFE holders and investors expect the coin to be listed on Binance in the near future, next to Pepe coin and Shiba Inu.

From Just a Meme to the Mainstream

BEFE crypto is no longer just a meme coin as it transcends the classic meme coin speculation. This token blends both purpose and utility and its unique combination is what sets it apart from PEPE coin and SHIBA INU. This has seen the crypto gain lots of traction amongst investors. 

If you are looking to invest in Pepe coin, Shiba Inu or BEFE crypto, it’s not just a matter of buying because of the hype. It’s about investing in a crypto that promises strong performance in the market be it Pepe coin or Shiba Inu or BEFE. But, always DYOR before any investment. 

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