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Longtime Advanced Markets’ VP Institutional FX Sales and Marketing Anya Aratovskaya has announced that she is taking leave of the company and the FX industry (sort of), to join a Washington DC based work friction management platform provider called FOUNT Global. Anya will serve as FOUNT’s Director of Marketing.

Anya also posted that she isn’t leaving FX completely, as she and a few of her former colleagues have started an educational channel/boutique consultancy called FXUnsensored. FXUnsensored’s LinkedIn page describes it as providing “unbiased, uncensored, and BS-free consultancy and e-learning portal for the capital markets industry.”

Anya Aratovskaya has been with Macquarie-backed Advanced Markets, which is a wholesale provider of prime-of-prime liquidity, since 2018, serving as VP Institutional FX Sales and Marketing at the company since 2021. Prior to Advanced Markets Anya worked for three years at trading tech provider Fortex, and prior to that at Boston Technologies.

Anya posted the following note today on social media describing the move(s):

🤝 I will forever be a friend of Advanced Markets Group (DM if you need any help with Liquidity or Tech; I will be brutally honest about your options), just as I am a forever friend of Fortex, and all the other companies I’ve ever worked for.

The good news for my FX network: I no longer have to look over my shoulder worrying about what compliance or the “Voldemort of the Retail FX Industry” (can you guess the company name?) might say. Now, I can speak and post freely.

Such a relief, honestly.

Oh, and I have many stories that compliance disapproved of 🙂

I am not leaving FX completely — a few of my former colleagues and I have started an educational channel/boutique consultancy— FXUnsensored. I will gladly (but not consistently) contribute and share my expertise there.

Meanwhile, if anyone in my network works or has C-suite/Director level connections at US500 or STOXX600 companies in Financial Services, Retail, or Insurance — DM me. I am interested in connecting with Digital Transformation Leaders, Operations Executives, CX, and Sales Leaders. Soft introductions are highly encouraged (wink-wink). I am excellent at returning favors.

Now, let me introduce my new company, FOUNT Global, Inc.— I can’t miss an opportunity for marketing, especially when this post has the potential to be very popular.

💡 FOUNT is the first-ever work friction management platform (SaaS) for enterprises. It’s a startup that already services 20+ high-profile enterprises, including companies listed in Nasdaq 100.

Example #1: Enterprises are trying to improve productivity by investing millions in AI developments. However, they have no idea on how to measure ROI or where and how employees are actually struggling or utilizing AI. FOUNT enables companies to understand where AI investments are not yielding expected productivity gains or where user adoption may be lagging

Example #2: Enterprise companies spend hundreds of millions of dollars on “digital transformation” without truly understanding what effective digital innovation looks like from an employee’s perspective. FOUNT helps identify the most impactful areas for guiding that digital transformation and can track the impact throughout the process.

Now, THAT data saves millions!

I have a good dozen examples/case studies for Call Centers, Sales Teams, Developers Teams, Customer Support teams – if you are part of an Enterprise Company, feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn and ask questions.

Re-re: And to completely screw up my inbox – I am looking for a contract-based copywriter and social media manager, preferably in Europe.

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