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Ankr has launched Bitcoin RPC endpoints, enabling developers to easily interact with the Bitcoin network and build applications without the need for complex node operations.

Ankr, a leading Web3 infrastructure provider, has announced the addition of Bitcoin RPC (Remote Procedure Call) endpoints to its suite of blockchain development tools. This new offering allows developers to easily interact with the Bitcoin network and build applications without the need for complex node operations.

The introduction of Bitcoin RPC endpoints is a significant milestone for Ankr, as it expands the company’s support for the original and most widely recognized cryptocurrency. By providing a gateway for developers to interface directly with Bitcoin, Ankr aims to foster innovation and encourage the creation of new applications built on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Ankr’s Bitcoin RPC endpoints act as a messenger or blockchain router, relaying on-chain information between Bitcoin nodes, developers, and end-users. This enables developers to execute essential tasks such as transactions, checking block data, and populating wallet balances without the need to set up and maintain their own Bitcoin nodes.

The RPC endpoints are part of Ankr’s geo-distributed Bitcoin RPC, which consists of blockchain nodes running worldwide. This global distribution ensures low latency and reliable connections, making it easier for developers to build fast and scalable decentralized applications (dApps) on the Bitcoin network.

In addition to the Bitcoin RPC endpoints, Ankr has also introduced Bitcoin Liquid Staking in collaboration with the Babylon protocol. This innovative feature allows users to stake their bitcoin and receive liquid staking tokens issued on Proof-of-Stake chains. By enabling the trillion-dollar market cap of bitcoin to be used for security on other blockchains, Ankr is unlocking new possibilities for cross-chain interoperability and capital efficiency.

Developers can now access Ankr’s Bitcoin RPC endpoints through the company’s RPC Service, which offers both Public and Premium plans. The Premium plan grants access to advanced tools, including dedicated Bitcoin endpoints, prioritized requests, and WebSocket capabilities, among other features. These tools empower developers to build and operate dApps with Bitcoin chain capabilities more efficiently and effectively.

Ankr’s commitment to supporting the Bitcoin network extends beyond the RPC endpoints. The company plans to release a growing suite of products that provide new ways to develop on Bitcoin, further strengthening the ecosystem and driving the adoption of blockchain technology.

The launch of Ankr’s Bitcoin RPC endpoints comes at a time when the demand for blockchain development tools and infrastructure is on the rise. As more developers seek to build applications that leverage the security and immutability of the Bitcoin blockchain, Ankr’s solutions provide a streamlined and accessible way to interact with the network.

By eliminating the need for complex node operations and providing access to advanced tools, Ankr is lowering the barriers to entry for Bitcoin development and encouraging a new wave of innovation in the cryptocurrency space. The company’s efforts to support the Bitcoin network and provide cutting-edge development tools are expected to have a significant impact on the growth and evolution of the blockchain industry.

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