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Ant International, a digital payment and financial technology leader, announced that it will establish a new Digital Business Centre in Malaysia, with a focus on tapping local tech talent to drive its global businesses.

Ant International will create more than 500 new job opportunities in the first year, with more hirings in the next four years till 2028.

Majority of roles created will be tech-focused, aligning with the company’s vision in using tech and innovation to accelerate global commerce and inclusion. The biggest team being the Technology and Development department, comprising a range of software development engineers, followed by Product & Design team, and Data Science and Risk Control team. The company will commit dedicated resources to develop and nurture these tech talents through comprehensive training, mentorship and exposure to its global businesses.

Ant International’s new Digital Business Centre will move into The Exchange 106, at the heart of the Tun Razak Exchange financial and business hub, by 2025, according to Douglas Feagin, President of Ant International.

“We’re excited to begin the next chapter of our journey in Malaysia, having contributed to the local fintech industry over the last 10 years, and now look towards the future, one that is more global, more connected, more inclusive and with more exciting ways of doing business,” said Mr. Feagin. “Tech and innovation are at the heart of Ant International, and with the Malaysian government promoting tech skills development and positioning Malaysia as an innovation hub, we believe that together with partners like MDEC, we can harness local tech talents to significantly accelerate the impact that our businesses can make, locally and around the world.”

Present in Malaysia since 2014, Ant International has since collaborated with local partners in promoting a vibrant fintech community, benefitting Malaysians with more convenient digital payments, while also supporting digital inclusion and creating economic opportunities for local businesses.

For example, through its partnership with TNG Digital, Ant International has enabled users of Touch ‘n Go eWallet to make payment around the world, on top of driving positive development in Malaysia’s mobile wallet ecosystem and digital economy.

During Chinese New Year 2024, Alipay+, the cross-border mobile payments, marketing and digitalization platform operated by Ant International, brought more customers to local merchants, helping them benefit from tourism growth. Transaction volume and spending by users of Alipay+ payment partner apps at DuitNow QR merchants increased 2.5 times during this period.

“Those who join our team will have a front row seat to global fintech innovation and collaborations, and play a part in our mission to shape the future of fintech and commerce, where every person and every business can thrive. With a focus on supporting the development and growth opportunities of our employees, we not only strengthen our teams but also to contribute to the growth and advancement of the fintech industry in Malaysia,” said Feagin.

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