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BBVA Technology, created by the bank in late 2023, makes the leap to Latin America. The new tech division will be headquartered in Mexico, under the brand name ‘BBVA Technology en América.’

The new organization is the outcome of a merger of several tech firms previously under the umbrella of BBVA Axial Tech. Now, with close to 600 employees, these units will constitute ‘BBVA Technology en América.’ The new technology division will continue to enhance its strategic role in contributing to the BBVA Group’s digital transformation goals.

BBVA Technology’s expansion on both continents will raise the brand’s visibility in the coming years. In Europe, BBVA Technology operates from Spain, with centralized offices in Madrid, Bilbao and Barcelona.

In the Americas, from its headquarters in Mexico City, the company will provide technological services to BBVA companies in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay and Venezuela. In both cases, the commitment to specialized talent to support BBVA’s digital transformation will continue to offer an attractive value proposition for employees, boosting satisfaction and loyalty among current teams.

This strategic shift and the operational reach of the two geographies has led to the appointment of Ricardo Jurado as CEO of BBVA Technology in Europe, while Robert Altes, formerly CEO of BBVA Axial Tech, will be CEO of ‘BBVA Technology en América.’ This will provide continuity to the value proposition of the BBVA Technology brand in the key markets where the Bank does business.

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