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Binance’s “March Missions” offers users the chance to share 1 million Binance Points and unlock rewards by completing trading-related tasks.

Binance’s “March Missions” incentivizes participation by offering a variety of point-based rewards. By completing designated missions, users can earn different amounts of Binance Points, ranging from 5 to 200 points per activity. Additionally, there is a shared pool of 200,000 Binance Points for eligible participants, distributed proportionally based on their activity within the event.

To participate, users must visit the Binance March Missions landing page, select the “Do it” button corresponding to the mission, and complete the required tasks within the activity period. The missions include referring new users, trading specific volumes on spot trading pairs, and engaging in P2P transactions.

Key Offerings and Missions

Binance has structured the March Missions to cater to a range of users, from those who are new to the platform to seasoned traders. The missions are designed to promote the platform’s diverse capabilities, such as spot market trading, margin trading, P2P transactions, and more.

Here are the core missions for the March event:

1. Refer a friend to Binance, ensuring they complete KYC, for two activity attempts.

2. Trade at least 500 USDT equivalent on any spot trading pairs for one activity attempt.

3. Trade at least 200 USDT equivalent on any BTC spot trading pairs for one activity attempt.

4. Execute a single P2P transaction of at least 200 USDT to unlock one activity attempt.

Reward Redemption and Conditions

Redeeming Binance Points is straightforward. Users can log in and select rewards from the Rewards Hub, where Binance Points can be exchanged for trading fee rebates and token vouchers. It’s important to note that Points expire one year from the month of distribution if not used.

To ensure fair play and adherence to the rules, Binance stipulates that each mission can only be completed once every 72 hours by each participant, and sub-accounts are not considered independent for this activity. The platform also reserves the right to disqualify any trades suspected of market manipulation or other prohibited activities.


Binance continues to push the envelope in providing value-added services to its users. The March Missions event is just one of the many ways the platform is innovating to keep the trading experience engaging and rewarding. As the crypto space evolves, Binance seems poised to maintain its leadership through user-focused initiatives and a robust offering of trading options.

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