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Bitfinex, a premier digital asset trading platform, has announced its latest listing addition, ZRO, the native token of LayerZero. This move positions Bitfinex among the first exchanges to support the token, according to a recent media release from the company.

LayerZero’s Mission and ZRO Token

LayerZero is a pioneering cross-chain protocol that aims to facilitate seamless interaction for decentralized applications across multiple blockchains. The introduction of the ZRO token is a significant step toward enhancing this ecosystem, offering users new avenues for engagement and innovation.

The ZRO token will play a crucial role within the LayerZero platform. It will function as a governance token, enabling holders to influence the protocol’s future development and direction. Additionally, ZRO will serve as a utility token, facilitating transactions and interactions across various blockchain networks, thereby enhancing user experience and streamlining operations.

Bitfinex’s Strategic Move

Henry Child, Head of Tokens at Bitfinex, emphasized the importance of LayerZero in the blockchain space. “We recognize the significance of LayerZero in fostering interoperability and advancing the capabilities of decentralized applications. Listing the ZRO token aligns with our mission to support pioneering projects that drive the adoption of blockchain technology,” Child stated.

Trading Details

Deposits for ZRO are expected to open at approximately 4:00 PM UTC on June 18th, 2024, subject to network conditions. Trading is anticipated to commence at around 12:00 PM UTC on June 20th, 2024, contingent upon meeting liquidity requirements. The ZRO token will be available for trading against US Dollars (ZRO/USD) and Tether tokens (ZRO/USDt).

Interested users can access ZRO on Bitfinex by visiting Bitfinex’s official website. It is important to note that all users are subject to Bitfinex’s terms of service, which prohibit U.S. persons and other specified individuals from holding or operating an account on the platform.

About Bitfinex

Established in 2012, Bitfinex is a leading digital token trading platform offering advanced services for traders and global liquidity providers. The platform provides a suite of trading features, charting tools, peer-to-peer financing, an OTC market, and margin trading for a wide range of digital tokens. Bitfinex is committed to supporting experienced traders and liquidity providers with unparalleled tools and innovation.

For more information about Bitfinex, visit their official website.

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