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Effective trade date April 29, 2024, all Cboe-affiliated U.S. Options Exchanges will introduce real-time validation enhancements to the Options Strike Request tool in the Cboe Customer Web Portal, providing immediate validation of requested strikes against Cboe Listing and Options Listing Procedures Plan (OLPP) rules.

Currently the tool only validates whether new strikes active for the next business day meet Cboe Listing and OLPP rules. Members use this tool to submit strike requests for review by the Cboe Operations Support Center (OSC), which evaluates submissions and responds with valid/invalid request details.

Upon the effective date, immediate notification will be provided to Members from within the Options Strike Request tool regarding whether their requested strikes meet listing rules. If a request is invalid, Members will receive immediate notification which includes all invalid fields and/or rule violations.

Members will be allowed to submit up to five different expirations totalling 100 strikes per request per submission. To submit a request, customers must populate the following fields:

  • Symbol
  • Strike Range
  • Strike Interval
  • Expiration Date (New Expiration can also be selected).

This functionality is currently available to test in the Options certification environment in the Cboe Customer Web Portal.

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