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Leading MENA based broker CFI has announced the launch of the Beta Version of its in-App AI Trading Assistant.

CFI first announced an AI-based trading automation tool, Capitalise AI, earlier this year that helps traders automate strategies without the need to have development skills, and CFI now announced launching their own development of AI Trading Assistant, available now in Beta version in its own app.

The company said it is on a path to revolutionise the way online trading works by adopting new innovative ways and tools to solve the biggest pains of the traders: risk management, emotion control, access to simplified information and automation as much as possible. The AI Assistant is meant to also serve the Trader as its companion, implementing a various range of needs from getting the latest analysis to submitting requests such as withdrawal, leverage change and ultimately all what the traders will need.

CFI added that it has been at the forefront of AI technology in 2023. Committing to using artificial intelligence to empower traders, CFI has been fiercely implementing new technology to their operations. The company said that it appreciated understanding that the amount of available information for traders can be overwhelming, especially for those who are new to tackling with online markets, and the CFI team is committed to educating traders on the intricacies of using the emerging AI technology.

CFI AI Trading Webinar

In parallel to the above efforts, CFI’s Research and Education team is launching a trailblazing Webinar Series: “Trade with AI advantage”.

The webinar series is set to help all traders understand in simplified ways how to be able to use and take advantage of AI in their trading. CFI, a leader in innovative financial solutions, invites all traders to attend these webinars, where the spotlight shines on the revolutionary role of Artificial Intelligence in reshaping financial markets.

CFI said it promises these webinars are set to teach how to use AI-powered strategies and the cutting-edge tools currently available, as well as the ins and outs of AI assisted trading. The webinars will be hosted by an elite team of market analysts and AI industry gurus, that will lead the audience through the thrilling world of the use of AI in trading.

Hisham Mansour CFI FinancialHisham Mansour, CFI’s Co-founder and Managing Director, emphasizes,

“At CFI, we’re not just following trends; we’re setting them. We are thrilled to be the first in the region and maybe globally to launch such tools and services to traders. Our promise to empower traders and investors constantly pushes us to be not just at the forefront of the latest technologies, but to explore how we can speed up their adoption for the benefit of our clients. Our Beta version of AI Assistant has enormous potential, and we invite all traders to test it and give us their feedback so we perfect it and take it to the next level. The AI webinars are one of the many steps to enable our clients to speed up their adoption of the latest technologies to be one step ahead in everything related to trading. We will be hosting several exciting events around AI in 2024.”

About CFI

CFI is the leading broker in the MENA region with more regulated entities in the region than any other broker in its sector, and 25+ years of experience operating through different entities worldwide, including London, Larnaca, Beirut, Amman, Dubai, Kuwait, Cairo, Port Louis, and others. CFI has an innovative tech team that is at the forefront of developing AI-based tools for traders, and has just launched a beta version of their own AI Trading Assistant (Beta) built within its own CFI trading app. CFI offers highly competitive trading conditions with spreads from zero pips, zero commissions, fast execution, and no minimum deposit across 19+ global markets, including stocks, forex, commodities, indices, ETFs & other financial products. CFI is proud to have established global partnerships, including the Premier League’s Sheffield United, the oldest football club in the world, and the football legend Pep Guardiola. The Group has also recently launched several exciting educational and empowering projects, including the CFI Trading App and its in-house podcast, Success Stories, with Mustafa Al Agha. CFI is also renowned for its 24/7 client support, daily technical reports, free webinars, and dedicated account managers, ensuring a best-in-class trading experience for its trading clients spread over 100+ countries.

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