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Global post-trading services provider Clearstream and wealth technology platform Quantalys Harvest Group are offering a fund selection and portfolio modelling web tool, accessible to distributors through the Clearstream client web portal.

The digital solution is a fund screening web tool that allows distributors to search and filter investment funds using multiple criteria, including proprietary Quantalys Harvest Group categories on ratings, performance and risk, and enables browsing investment funds that correspond to user-specified investment criteria.

The integration of this portfolio modelling and fund selection capability into the Clearstream platform means distributors can now effortlessly select funds, create portfolios and execute informed investment decisions with high-quality, digitally delivered data.

Distributors domiciled in France, Italy, Luxembourg and Switzerland, who have entered a distribution agreement with Clearstream Fund Centre AG (in Switzerland), can now access the web tool through Clearstream’s client web portal, Xact, free of charge. This way, they will immediately benefit from the front-to-back digital solution for fund selection and portfolio modelling within the Clearstream Fund Services ecosystem.

It is expected that the fund selection and portfolio modelling web tool will be rolled out to more distributors over time.

Philippe Seyll, Head of Clearstream Fund Services, comments:

“We continually strive to remain close to our clients by offering a growing range of services, tools and capabilities. This powerful fund selection and portfolio modelling web tool from Quantalys Harvest Group fits perfectly into the Clearstream fund universe. This important partnership proves that we are listening to our clients and responding to their increasing needs for optimising fund selection.”

Delphine Asseraf, Harvest Deputy CEO, adds:

“Quantalys Harvest Group is proud to be a digital partner to Clearstream, extending its fund analysis and portfolio construction solutions to Clearstream clients, for an optimised and innovative user experience. This is another key step in Harvest Group’s European expansion, aiming to offer broader expertise and support to financial professionals in varying jurisdictions.”

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