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Key Takeaways

Andrei Grachev, head of DWF Labs, and Cristian Gil of engage in a public Twitter feud.

The exchange has led to discussions about the state of the crypto market and the role of market makers.

A Twitter user suggests a “Crypto Fight Night” where the loser quits the crypto markets.

The Twitter War

On September 21, 2023, a Twitter feud erupted between Andrei Grachev, the head of DWF Labs, and Cristian Gil of Grachev responded to Gil’s tweet, which criticized his presence on a panel discussion involving, OKX, and Wintermute. “I never thought that you could be THAT scared of us. Yeah, we are stronger than you in terms of tech, trading, BD and everything,” Grachev tweeted.

Market Makers and Market Cycles

The exchange drew attention from other Twitter users, including Delta (@deltaxbt), who questioned what this “beef” among market makers indicates about the current stage of the crypto market cycle. Market makers play a crucial role in providing liquidity and facilitating trades in the crypto market, and their public disagreements could signal underlying tensions or shifts in the industry.

The “Crypto Fight Night” Proposition

In a surprising twist, a Twitter user named Mohammad (@Abu9ala7) proposed a “Crypto Fight Night” where Grachev and Gil would face off, and the loser would have to exit the crypto markets. The idea gained traction, with some users suggesting that such an event could set a “historical crypto bottom” before the next market run.

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