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ECB Vice President Luis de Guindos highlighted the critical role of updated macroeconomic projections in shaping interest rate decisions. During an interview with Spanish state broadcaster TVE, Guindos noted, “The projections are updated every three months, so we’ll soon have new ones in September”

“Those are the most significant and interesting moments from the point of view of monetary policy, because our projections are a very important indicator when it comes to deciding the evolution of interest rates,” he added.

Separately, according to the latest Reuters poll conducted from June 12-18, a substantial majority of economists (nearly 80%, or 64 out of 81) anticipate that ECB will implement two more rate cuts this year, specifically in September and December. This would lower the deposit rate to 3.25%.

Additionally, almost 90% of those surveyed (36 out of 41) believe the risks are tilted towards ECB making fewer cuts than more.

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