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In May, Eurozone’s PMI Manufacturing rose from 45.7 to 47.4, surpassing expectations of 46.6 and marking a 15-month high. PMI Services remained unchanged at 53.3, slightly below the forecast of 53.5. PMI Composite increased from 51.7 to 52.3, reaching a 12-month high.

Cyrus de la Rubia, Chief Economist at Hamburg Commercial Bank, noted that Eurozone’s economy is “gathering further strength.” He highlighted that new orders are growing at a healthy rate, and companies’ confidence is reflected in a steady hiring pace.

Additionally, de la Rubia pointed out some positive developments for ECB. Rates of inflation for input and output prices in the services sector have softened. This trend supports ECB’s apparent stance to cut rates at the upcoming meeting on June 6.

Incorporating PMI numbers into their GDP nowcast, de la Rubia suggested that Eurozone will likely grow at a rate of 0.3% during Q2, effectively dispelling fears of a recession. He further indicated that GDP growth rate of nearly 1% could be achievable this year, with potential for even higher growth.


Full Eurozone PMI release here.

Also released, French PMI Manufacturing rose from 45.3 to 46.7 in May. PMI Services fell from 51.3 to 49.4. PMI Composite fell from 50.5 to 49.1, back in contraction.

Germany PMI Manufacturing rose from 42.5 to 45.4 in May, a 4-month high. PMI Services rose from 53.2 to 53.9, an 11-month high. PMI Composite rose from 50.6 to 52.2, a 12-month high.

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