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FNG Exclusive… FNG has learned that FX and finance industry veteran Paul Anderson has joined Velocity Trade, as Senior Vice President Institutional Sales. He will be based in Geneva for his new role at Velocity Trade.

Paul Anderson joins Velocity Trade after spending the past two years with BGC Group, Inc. (NASDAQ:BGC), as Senior Vice President Cross Asset Sales. He had previously worked at Makor Group, Raymond James, NBF International, and Legg Mason, in a variety of senior sales positions.

Based in Toronto, Velocity Trade employs over 200 professionals that provide corporate and institutional clients execution and custody services in a multitude of global over the counter (OTC) and exchange listed markets. Velocity Trade offers services in a broad range of markets, including: (i) foreign exchange hedging, trading, settlement and prime of prime; (ii) global equity, fixed income, funds, structured products; and (iii) corporate finance and advisory. Velocity Trade has offices in Toronto, Montreal, Calgary, London, Amsterdam, Hamburg, Johannesburg, Cape Town, Bridgetown, Sydney, and Auckland. Late last year US based Wedbush Financial made a “significant investment” in Velocity Trade, making it Velocity’s largest outside shareholder.

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