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On November 28, 2023, Fireblocks, an innovative digital asset operations platform, announced the introduction of ‘Off Exchange’, a first-of-its-kind solution aiming to revolutionize the way institutional traders interact with digital asset exchanges. This groundbreaking platform is designed to mitigate the inherent counterparty risks that have long plagued the crypto trading market.

Exchange counterparty risk in digital assets trading encompasses a range of potential pitfalls, including the threat of cyber hacks, the risk of bankruptcy, and the potential for misappropriation of client funds. These risks are amplified in the crypto trading market due to the dual role of exchanges as both custodians and trading venues. Past incidents, such as the FTX collapse, have starkly highlighted these vulnerabilities.

Fireblocks’ Off Exchange platform represents a significant technological leap forward, employing multi-party computation (MPC) technology. This innovative approach enables traders to directly trade on centralized exchanges from a shared, on-chain MPC wallet. The shared wallet model ensures that traders maintain control over their assets, significantly reducing the risk of loss due to exchange-related issues like hacks, bankruptcy, and fraud.

The integration of Fireblocks Off Exchange with Deribit, a leading digital asset derivatives trading platform, marks a significant milestone in the journey towards more secure and efficient digital asset trading. This collaboration signifies the increasing recognition of the need for enhanced security measures in the burgeoning field of digital asset derivatives.

Fireblocks Off Exchange promises several key benefits for the trading community. Firstly, it offers enhanced security by allowing traders to retain control over their assets in a shared wallet, thereby reducing the risk of asset misappropriation. Secondly, it increases market liquidity by enabling real-time settlement of trades, allowing traders to move capital quickly and efficiently between various trading venues and counterparties.

Since its announcement, Off Exchange has garnered significant interest from the institutional trading community. Hundreds of hedge funds, market makers, liquidity providers, and brokerages have joined the waitlist to be onboarded onto the platform. The integration with Deribit is just the beginning, with plans to extend support to additional global exchanges, further broadening the impact and reach of this innovative solution.

The launch of Fireblocks Off Exchange is a pivotal moment in the quest to create a more secure and efficient digital asset trading environment. By leveraging the latest advancements in MPC and blockchain technology, Fireblocks is leading the charge in reducing counterparty risk, a move that is likely to encourage more traditional financial institutions to enter the crypto market.

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