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There are just a couple to take note of on the day, as highlighted in bold.

The first being for EUR/USD at around 1.0778-80, which could help to limit any downside action in the session ahead. That also sits near the 100-hour moving average, seen at 1.0776 currently. As such, the expiries could double up as a supportive layer for price action before rolling off later.

Then, there is the one for USD/JPY near 150.00 again. The large expiries there should keep price action more limited and centered around the figure level still, as we have seen through the week so far.

As mentioned several times already this week, please treat the expiries for the days ahead as a tentative indication. I will be updating the figures daily as the source data for the coming days is a little wonky.

For more information on how to use this data, you may refer to this post here.

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