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There are a couple to take note of, as highlighted in bold.

Considering that trading conditions today are likely to be lighter as market players take off for the holidays, the remaining expiries could act more as a magnet to hold price action before rolling off later in the day. But at the same time, they might not offer too much considering the lack of push and pull in general in trading today.

EUR/USD looks more poised to keep knocking on the door of 1.1000, so at least the expiries might keep the upside intact for now. Meanwhile, USD/JPY could just look to trade in and around the 142.00 mark for the time being. As for AUD/USD, the expiries could just hold price action for this brief period alongside the 100-week moving average at 0.6777.

For more information on how to use this data, you may refer to this post here.

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