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Google has announced a major rebranding initiative by changing the name of Google Bard to Gemini. Since the launch of the Google Bard last year, it has emerged as a prominent Google LLM with diverse functionalities. As a matter of fact, users worldwide have utilized Bard to leverage the power of AI in innovative ways. For example, the LLM has helped people achieve better results in brainstorming new business ideas or preparing for job interviews. In addition, it has also helped people prepare for job interviews and generate alluring images.

Google has announced that its primary motivation behind introducing Bard was to provide direct access to all their AI models. Now, the announcement of the introduction of Google Gemini opens up another opportunity for users to access the most diverse collection of AI models. From now on, Bard will be known as Gemini. Users can interact with Gemini through the Pro 1.0 model in more than 40 languages and over 230 countries and territories. Let us shed some more light on the latest announcement by Google for rebranding Bard into Gemini.

What is Gemini Advanced?

Google announced the launch of Gemini Advanced on February 8, 2024. It is one of the notable highlights associated with Google’s new AI Gemini and offers a different experience. It helps Google access the biggest and most sophisticated AI model, the Ultra 1.0. Interestingly, the third-party reviews for Ultra 1.0 have shown that Gemini Advanced is one of the most popular chatbots as compared to the renowned alternatives.

The Ultra 1.0 model empowers Gemini Advanced to carry out highly complicated tasks, such as coding and logical reasoning. Gemini Advanced also supports capabilities for ensuring compliance with detailed instructions alongside ensuring efficient collaboration on creative projects. Gemini Advanced helps you have continuous and more detailed interactions with AI with the assurance of a better understanding of the context by observing the previous prompts.

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Examples of the Utility of Gemini Advanced

The best way to understand Gemini and its functionalities involves a review of the examples of how to use it. As the news highlights emphasize phrases such as ‘Bard is now Gemini,’ it is also important to check whether you can find new and better functionalities in Gemini as compared to Bard.

Gemini offers advanced features and stands true to the term ‘Gemini Advanced,’ which delivers better functionalities than Bard. For example, Gemini Advanced can serve as your personal tutor by developing step-by-step instructions, interactive discussions, and sample quizzes designed according to the learning style of individual users.

The most prominent reason to emphasize the transition from Google Bard to Gemini is the use of Gemini Advanced for advanced and complex coding use cases. Gemini Advanced has the features required to serve as an ideal destination for brainstorming ideas. It also helps developers evaluate different approaches to coding to identify resource-effective alternatives.

Digital creators can use the new Google LLM to cover all steps from ideation to content development with fresh ideas. Gemini Advanced can also analyze latest trends and support brainstorming for identifying better ways to expand the audience base for digital creators.

Gemini Advanced is still in its first version and serves as the best example of Google’s efforts to adapt to current advancements in AI reasoning. In addition, it will continue to improve with the addition of new and exclusive features. Therefore, users of Gemini Advanced can easily access a broad range of multimodal capabilities, in-depth data analysis features, and more interactive coding features. As of now, Gemini Advanced is available only in English in over 150 countries and territories. Google plans on expanding Gemini Advanced into other languages in future.

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How Can You Access Google Gemini?

The best way to access Google Gemini is through the new Google One AI Premium Plan. It is available at a price of $19.99 per month with a free trial period of two months. The plan can help you access the best features of Google AI alongside the latest advancements in AI by the tech giant.

On top of it, the plan also helps you capitalize on the advantages of existing Google One Premium Plan. For example, you can find better storage capabilities with 2TB of storage. Furthermore, Google One AI Premium Plan subscribers can also use Gemini in Gmail, Sheets, Docs, and Slides in the future.

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Responsibility, Bias, and Safety in Gemini

The makeover of Bard to Gemini creates concerns regarding safeguards for responsibility, bias, and user safety. Headlines such as ‘Bard is now Gemini’ might have caught the attention of the AI community. However, it is important to ensure that Gemini encourages responsible use of AI. Google has claimed that it follows a “bold and responsible” approach to introducing AI to the world. In addition, Google has integrated safety into Gemini with the help of AI principles.

Gemini Advanced implemented comprehensive assessments for trust and safety, such as external red-teaming. In addition, Google also implemented refinements in the underlying model for Google’s new AI Gemini with the help of reinforcement learning and fine-tuning on the basis of human feedback. With such targeted enhancements, Gemini Advanced provides the assurance of better performance than Google Bard.

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Enabling the Mobile AI Experience

Google has also rolled out new mobile experiences for Android and iOS phones. You can access Gemini Advanced through the dedicated Android app or through the Google app on iOS phones. The availability of the new Google LLM on your phone helps you access Gemini’s functionalities without any trouble. As a matter of fact, it can serve as the stepping stone for development of a true AI assistant. In a way, you can replace your Google Assistant with Gemini for capitalizing on its diverse functionalities.

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Final Words

Google has proved that it is at the forefront of the AI revolution with the rebranding of Bard to Gemini. The array of advanced features available in Google Gemini proves that AI can become a mainstream technology. As a matter of fact, Gemini Advanced apps for Android and iOS prove how Google has been working continuously on improving accessibility of AI. Stay updated with the latest information on updates in Google’s new LLM, Gemini Advanced, and make the most of it right away.

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