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Melissa Muhammad is a Global Business Expert and International Tax Attorney who specializes in helping international businesses operate worldwide. For over 20 years, she has traveled to numerous countries negotiating billion-dollar transactions and has trained tax officials in over 153 nations. Now, she helps Black-owned businesses export globally and access government resources to turn concepts into contracts. For more information:

Karla Ukman is “not your father’s financial advisor.” She champions financial education and personalized strategies for women and historically excluded communities. Leading her own firm for over a decade, she ignites financial awareness and empowers clients to take charge of their money in ways that resonate with them. Karla’s passion lies in dismantling financial myths and fostering economic resilience.  If you are interested om joining her movement towards building wealth on your own terms. Check out her website:

Olivia Thomas, The Brand Counselor, specializes in empowering seasoned founders to elevate their businesses through strategic branding. As the founder of the Wintentional Development Co., Olivia is dedicated to crafting compelling brand strategies that resonate with her customer’s dream clients. Olivia’s mission is to help women in business build lives and legacies through the telling of captivating brand stories. She helps founders connect authentically with their audience, paving the way for sustained success as their businesses mature. For more information:

Three of my amazing guests – Melissa Muhammad, Karla Ukman, and Olivia Thomas – join me simultaneously for a fun, lighthearted, rapid-fire round of my favorite business questions.

We get their opinions on a few business tools, some old-school marketing tips, and some great books for aspiring business owners.

Listen to the podcast below:

This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • Recommended podcasts by the guests.
  • Favorite old school marketing tip from the guests include attending events, helping others to get what they want, and sending handwritten notes.
  • Recommended business apps by the guests.
  • The best business books according to the guests and host.

Resources Mentioned:

Podcasts Mentioned: 

Apps Mentioned: 

Books Mentioned: 

Connect with Melissa Muhammad:

Connect with Karla Ukman:

Connect with Olivia Thomas:

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