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Olivia Thomas, The Brand Counselor, specializes in empowering seasoned founders to elevate their businesses through strategic branding. As the founder of the Wintentional Development Co., Olivia is dedicated to crafting compelling brand strategies that resonate with her customer’s dream clients. Olivia’s mission is to help women in business build lives and legacies through the telling of captivating brand stories. She helps founders connect authentically with their audience, paving the way for sustained success as their businesses mature. For more information:

In this episode, I chat with brand building expert Olivia Thomas. We delve into brand building tips for women entrepreneurs, the balance between authenticity and posing in branding, and the importance of storytelling in personal brand development. We also discuss common mistakes in brand building and how to manage reputational challenges while maintaining brand integrity.

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This week on SmallBizChat Podcast:

  • Olivia Thomas emphasizes the importance of personal mission, vision, and values in brand building, suggesting that understanding and staying true to oneself is crucial for creating an authentic and sustainable brand.
  • Effective brand positioning requires a deep understanding of the target audience, including their aspirations and the challenges they face, to create a brand that resonates and fulfills their needs.
  • When mistakes occur, it’s essential to address them directly and transparently, outlining steps for repair based on brand values, to maintain trust and integrity in the relationship with the audience.

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