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India’s AI Mission presents a significant opportunity for the nation to assert itself as a global leader in AI technology.

The Union Cabinet has approved a significant investment of ₹10,371.92 crore for the national-level India AI mission, demonstrating a bold commitment to propelling AI innovation and positioning India as a global leader in the AI landscape. This strategic move aligns with the visionary mandates of ‘Making AI in India’ and ‘Making AI Work for India’, underlining the nation’s dedication to technological advancement.

The India AI mission aims to cultivate a robust ecosystem conducive to AI innovation by forging strategic partnerships and launching impactful programs across public and private sectors. Spearheading this initiative is the Independent Business Division, empowered to drive multifaceted initiatives under the aegis of the Digital India Corporation (DIC).

Key components include establishing the IndiaAI Innovation Centre, providing IndiaAI Compute Capacity, nurturing IndiaAI Future Skills, facilitating IndiaAI Application Development, and creating the IndiaAI Datasets Platform. Additionally, there will be focused efforts on fostering IndiaAI Startup Financing and advancing Safe and Trusted AI technologies.

India’s AI market reached over $4.1 billion in 2023, with Machine Learning (ML) dominating at $2.7 billion. AI’s transformative potential in enhancing productivity through process simplification and automation is significant, particularly in sectors like technology. Core pillars of the mission encompass employment, innovation, responsible AI, and AI for development. An AI data platform will provide seamless access to non-personal data platforms for Indian startups and researchers, among others.

Universities, as repositories of knowledge and intellectual prowess, play a crucial role in driving the India AI Mission forward. By strategically aligning their academic programs and research endeavors with the mission’s objectives, universities can emerge as invaluable allies in India’s pursuit of AI supremacy.

Leveraging their expertise, universities can pioneer the development of AI models with a humanistic ethos, fostering societal advancement. They serve as transdisciplinary learning hubs, bridging the gap between academia and industry by collaborating to refine and enhance AI models, enriching the quality of AI solutions and fostering innovation. Alliance University stands as a notable proponent of the India AI Mission, actively contributing to its advancement. The university’s commitment to skill development, cutting-edge research, and holistic education mirrors the mission’s objectives.

A recent milestone in Alliance University’s journey was the hosting of a pioneering AI & Society confest by its Liberal Arts & Design School. This event, drawing together scholars and practitioners, served as a platform for exploring the multifaceted implications of AI across various domains. Through interactive exhibitions and installations, delving into critical topics such as AI & Warfare, AI & Mental Health, AI & Media, and AI & Design, underscoring Alliance University’s commitment to fostering dialogue and innovation in AI research.

Moreover, Alliance University offers tailored programs catering to professionals across sectors, ensuring their relevance in the evolving AI landscape. These programs encompass a wide range of disciplines including, AI in Materials Engineering, BTech in AI and Data Science, BTech in AI and ML, BTech in Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence (Computer Application), BCA (Honors) in AI and ML, and BCA (Honors) in Data Science. In addition to our academic offerings, we have implemented AI proctored examinations, employing technology-enabled monitoring software to supervise students throughout their exams, covering the entire duration from start to finish. Also, we utilize assistive technologies like text-to-speech which provide valuable support to students with visual impairments or learning disabilities. By offering these inclusive features, we aim to create an environment where all students can excel academically, regardless of their individual challenges or needs. These measures not only enrich the academic experience but also address the diverse needs of our student body, fostering equal opportunities for all.

Our AU Technology Business Incubator (TBI) center serves as a cornerstone in fostering innovation and entrepreneurship. It offers essential resources such as infrastructure, mentorship, funding access, and market validation services. Currently, TBI is incubating 10 startups, all specializing in AI-based ventures ranging from Electric Vehicle Technology to Fintech, Additive Manufacturing, IoT, Dream Home, and Robotics. This initiative underscores our commitment to bridging the gap between academic research and practical applications, thereby significantly contributing to scientific progress and economic development.

Research at Alliance University’s Centers of Excellence (COEs) drives collaborative endeavors, fostering innovation and offering solutions to pertinent challenges across sectors. The Intel Centre of Excellence (CoE) enhances learning in market-relevant areas, providing essential skills to meet industry demands. Alliance University’s faculty contributes significantly to AI-related research, furthering knowledge dissemination and transformation. A few notable papers include ‘Enhancing Student Engagement in Online Learning through Facial Expression Analysis and Complex Emotion Recognition using Deep Learning’, ‘Role of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Algorithms for Energy Efficiency Applications’ among others.

India’s AI Mission presents a significant opportunity for the nation to assert itself as a global leader in AI technology. By strengthening partnerships with institutions like Alliance University and leveraging their expertise and resources, the government can magnify the impact of its initiatives and expedite AI innovation nationwide. Through collaborative efforts spanning government, academia, and industry, India can pave the way towards a future powered by AI, driving economic growth, societal advancement, and ensuring inclusive access to the transformative potential of this technology.

  • Published On Apr 2, 2024 at 07:00 PM IST

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