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Technical analysis meets crypto shit coins? Or HODL it all and just moon it?

Just my personal opinion, traders that made 379%
on a possible shitcoin, should at least consider taking
Partial Profits at possible technical junctions, even if they love the moon
And even if they think that technical analysis is shit. Why? The fact that you may not believe technical analysis, there are enough other market participants, that do, and they will seek to take partial profits at the good candidate for a high local price. Let’s take a look at SHIBA COIN now, on this weekly chart.


Understanding Shiba Coin: A quick summary for non-crypto traders 🚀

Shiba Coin has been a hot topic, stirring a mix of opinions in the cryptocurrency world. Here’s a brief rundown on what Shiba Coin is and why it has captured so much attention:

What is Shiba Coin? 🐶

  • A Meme coin: Shiba Coin (SHIB) is a cryptocurrency inspired by internet memes, particularly the Shiba Inu dog. It’s built on the Ethereum blockchain.
  • Community-driven: It boasts a strong online community that supports and promotes the coin, contributing to its popularity.
  • Not just a joke… for some: Despite its meme origins, SHIB aims for legitimacy with projects like the ShibaSwap exchange, aiming to prove it’s more than just a meme.

Why Has Shiba Coin Risen? ✨

  • Viral popularity: Like many viral trends, social media and a dedicated community have propelled SHIB into the spotlight.
  • Speculative: Investors looking for quick profits have jumped on the SHIB bandwagon, driving up its price.
  • Crypto market dynamics: The broader interest in cryptocurrencies has helped boost the visibility and attractiveness of coins like SHIB.

The Debate around Shiba Coin 🔍

  • Skeptics 🙅‍♂️:
    • Some label it as a “shitcoin” due to its high volatility and meme origins.
    • Highlight the risks involved in investing in highly speculative assets.
  • Optimists 🙋‍♀️:
    • Point to the potential for big gains, citing past success stories.
    • Believe in the coin’s community and its projects, seeing criticism as short-sighted.

Navigating Shiba Coin Investments 🧭

  • Do Your homework 📚: Understand what you’re investing in and the risks involved.
  • Technical analysis 📉: Some investors use charts and patterns to make decisions, but opinions on its effectiveness vary.
  • Risk management 💡: Considering taking partial profits to not stay “paper rich” and actually realize gains.

Technical analysis meets crypto shit coins?

Conclusion 🌟

Whether you’re skeptical or optimistic about Shiba Coin, the key is to approach it (and any investment) with caution, doing thorough research and understanding the high risks involved. And good technical analusis maps, especially on longer time frames, can provide hints what OTHERS might be doing at POSSIBLE JUNCTIONS. This might lead you to CONSIDER certain actions like PARTIAL PROFIT TAKING. The world of cryptocurrencies is super risky, fast-paced and unpredictable, making informed decisions more crucial than ever. Visit to help you navigate some of that crap for you 😊

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