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Interactive Brokers (NASDAQ:IBKR), an automated global electronic broker, today introduced IBKR Desktop, a next-generation desktop trading application for Windows and Mac, engineered for today’s traders who demand simplicity but value Interactive Brokers’ powerful trading tools.

IBKR Desktop marks a new chapter for innovation and focus on the intuitive user experience at Interactive Brokers.

At its launch, IBKR Desktop offers global access to stocks, options, and futures on over 150 markets, along with exclusive trading tools designed to elevate investment strategies, including:

  • MultiSort: MultiSort enables users to sort data using multiple factors simultaneously. This is essential for traders and investors who need to evaluate diverse information, such as fundamental data, past performance, and technical indicators. MultiSort makes it easy to input multiple preferences and quickly returns the most relevant results.
  • Option Lattice: Option Lattice is a graphical options chain display highlighting potential outliers in key metrics, such as Implied Volatility, Open Interest, Volume, or Last Price. Users can easily switch between categories for a comprehensive view and look back at the historical performance of the underlying for a more informed analysis.

Interactive Brokers is committed to continually updating IBKR Desktop, with plans to expand support for more products and integrate advanced tools that redefine what traders can expect from a trading platform, ensuring Interactive Brokers’ clients are always a step ahead in the trading world.

To coincide with the launch, Interactive Brokers developed the IBKR Desktop Trading Course, which features 10 lessons covering how traders can use the platform to submit options orders, view news and research, and customize charts, columns, and views, among other topics.

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