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FNG Exclusive Interview… This September, London based prime-of-prime broker and liquidity solutions provider iSAM Securities made a leap into the world of cryptocurrency with the launch of its cutting-edge Crypto Margin Facility, enabling clients to deposit digital currencies as margin. Global Head of Business Development at iSAM, Sam Johnson, reveals the motivation behind this addition, his thoughts on the crypto space and how this fits into his vision for the future of iSAM Securities.

FNG: Hi Sam, and thanks for joining us today. What was the motivation behind introducing the iSAM Securities Crypto Margin Facility?

Sam: Institutional interest in cryptocurrencies is continuing to increase and, at iSAM Securities, we believe we are at the forefront of this transformative trend. This recent introduction reflects our commitment to providing sophisticated solutions for our clients, offering them a seamless way to deposit digital currencies.

We anticipated heightened interest from a broad and global audience, demanding faster transfer times and easy accessibility so we spent 18-months fine tuning our processes to ensure we were addressing the wants and needs of the industry.

FNG: What makes the iSAM Securities Crypto Margin Facility stand out in such a crowded market?

Sam: Our Crypto Margin Facility is designed to offer clients a seamless and secure way to deposit cryptocurrencies. One of the standout features is the facility operating under our existing FCA-regulated entity, ensuring the highest regulatory standards and demonstrative of our commitment to best-in-class execution.

Security and compliance are paramount, so we have taken several measures to address such concerns. Firstly, we accept USDT and USDC coins on the ERC-20 Blockchain, two of the industry’s largest and most transparent stablecoins. We have also partnered with an FCA-registered crypto custodian to receive our clients’ digital assets and have integrated state-of-the-art Know Your Transaction (KYT) processes and transaction monitoring technology using the same software as international law enforcement to maintain transparency and legitimacy in the movement of funds.

FNG: How has client demand impacted this decision for iSAM Securities?

Sam: Cryptocurrencies have become a critical component of the financial landscape with a commensurate increase in client demand. For iSAM Securities, this facility has been in development for the past 18 months as we were determined to uphold our fundamental principles of quality, integrity, and excellence. Our industry-leading technology played a huge part in our strategic approach to ensure that both clients and the broader market would benefit from a truly unrivalled approach.

FNG: How does the acceptance of cryptocurrencies align with iSAM Securities’ broader mission and vision as a company?

Sam: This new offering drastically streamlines the deposit and withdrawal process for our clients whilst opening doors to new markets and regions. Through our ongoing commitment to security, we have built further on our core philosophies of quality and transparency whilst ensuring we remain at the forefront of industry trends.

iSAM Securities, regulated by the FCA, SFC, CIMA and CTFC, is a leading algorithmic trading firm and trusted liquidity, technology and prime services partner to institutional clients and trading venues globally. The firm offers full-service prime brokerage and execution via its cutting-edge proprietary technology, as well as market leading analytics, cleared through the group’s bank Prime Brokers. For further information, please visit,

The iSAM Securities group includes iSAM Securities (UK) Limited, iSAM Securities (HK) Limited, iSAM Securities (Global) Limited, iSAM Securities (USA) Inc., iSAM Securities Limited.

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