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TradingView has extended its data offerings with currency pairs from JFX.

With a robust array of features and a commitment to meeting customer needs, JFX has emerged as a trusted partner for traders worldwide.

Founded in 2005, JFX is one of the leading providers of FX margin trading services, offering competitive spreads across 41 currency pairs including USDJPY, EURUSD, GBPUSD, and more. With execution speeds as fast as 0.001 seconds and position updates in just 0.2 seconds, JFX ensures swift and accurate trading experiences.

In addition, JFX prioritizes customer feedback, continually updating and improving its trading systems to enhance convenience and user experience. With monthly updates to its PC, smartphone, and tablet applications, JFX ensures that traders have access to the latest tools. This way, aside from delivering high-quality services and cultivating a robust trading environment, JFX focuses on strengthening support and compliance systems. This ensures they can swiftly adapt to evolving customer needs and stay attuned to the changing times.

You can now integrate JFX data into your strategies: to see the complete list of available currency pairs, type the JFX: prefix into the symbol search field.

The TradingView platform reliably connects to hundreds of data feeds, with direct access to 1,357,880 instruments from all over the world.

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