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Cyprus based trading platform and tech solutions provider Match-Trade Technologies has unveiled a number of enhancements made during the month of December 2023 to its Match-Trader multi-asset trading platform, which include an array of solutions tailored for FX and CFD brokers.

Match-Trader’s December enhancement is focused on elevating the financial management experience for traders, offering expanded transaction visibility, blockchain verification for crypto transactions, and improved payment gateway displays, all within the Match-Trader platform’s Finance Tab.

Enhanced financial management in the Match-Trader platform

This December, Match-Trade introduced a series of significant improvements in the Finance tab of its Match-Trader platform, substantially expanding its capabilities:

  • Extended transaction range: Users now have access to all transactions, including those in pending, awaiting confirmation, rejected, failed, and refunded statuses, rather than being limited to completed transactions (status DONE).
  • Blockchain transaction verification: We provide the ability to verify their status directly in the blockchain for cryptocurrency transactions.
  • Payment gateway display: Users can now view the name and icon of the payment gateway used.
  • Enhanced filtering: We have improved information management by introducing filters, making data analysis easier.
  • Real-time data updates: Information in the tab is now automatically updated, eliminating the need for manual page refreshes.

These enhancements aim to increase the usability and efficiency of financial transaction management on the platform, offering traders quicker and more intuitive access to vital information.

Benefits for Brokers:

The main advantage of these enhancements is the centralization of all financial information directly on the Match-Trader platform. Investors no longer need to navigate to our Client Office to obtain transaction information in various statuses. Access to the full spectrum of deposit and withdrawal data through the Match-Trader platform significantly speeds up and simplifies financial management. The increased transparency and ease of transaction data analysis, coupled with real-time automatic updates, translates into convenience and efficiency in financial management. Notably, this enhancement marks the final transfer of key functionalities from the Client Office for traders to the Match-Trader platform. Now, traders can enjoy a comprehensive trading toolkit in one application, including features previously moved like ‘Edit Profile’ and ‘Change Password’.

Withdrawal cancellation feature on the Match-Trader platform

This December, we introduced a new feature that allows traders to cancel withdrawal requests directly from the Match-Trader platform. In the ‘Finance’ tab, we have added a ‘Cancel’ button for each withdrawal request in the ‘Awaiting Confirmation’ status. This button initiates the specific withdrawal’s cancellation process. If a user cancels a request, Brokers will find this update in the CRM system, with the withdrawal marked as ‘Cancelled by user’, while the user will see the withdrawal status changed to ‘Cancelled’.

Benefits for Brokers:

This feature enables the swift cancellation of withdrawal requests, which is crucial in cases where the withdrawal form has been incorrectly filled out, such as entering the wrong account address. This allows Brokers to avoid unintended transactions to incorrect addresses, thereby eliminating the risk of fund loss. Moreover, cancelling a withdrawal request automatically releases frozen funds, which can be critically important in situations of insufficient margin in the trading account.

Introducing a password preview feature within the Match-Trader platform

At Match-Trader, we are constantly striving to enhance our users’ experiences. In response to their needs, we have implemented a password preview feature across all areas of the platform where password entry is required.

Benefits for Brokers:

The new password preview function offers users increased accuracy during login, significantly reducing the risk of input errors. This streamlines the login process and can positively impact user conversion by improving their overall experience with the platform. With this improvement, Brokers can expect enhanced customer satisfaction, which is vital in building lasting relationships.

Copying open positions when starting a Social Trading subscription

This December, we have also introduced a new feature that allows users to copy the open positions of a Money Manager at the moment of starting a subscription. When a user decides to subscribe to a new Money Manager, a list of the currently open positions will be displayed upon opening the window to add a new subscription. Novice investors now have the option to choose whether they want to copy these positions at market prices. This new functionality is optional and tailored to the needs of each Money Manager.

Benefits for Brokers:

This feature provides traders with direct insight into the open positions of the selected Money Manager at the time of subscription. It enables a more precise evaluation of the investment strategy and helps in making an informed decision about whether to start copying it. Moreover, with just one click, traders can copy all the currently open positions of that Money Manager, simplifying the investment process.

Setting Take Profit for Social Trading subscriptions

Similar to the Maximum Loss option, traders can now set a Take Profit value for their entire subscription when following a new Money Manager. Once this preset profit target is reached, all open transactions will be automatically closed, and the subscription will end.

Benefits for Brokers:

The ability to set a Take Profit for the entire subscription gives traders the power to precisely define the profit level they aim to achieve by copying the strategy of a Money Manager. This feature greatly simplifies subscription management by eliminating the need for constant monitoring. Once the set profit target is reached, the subscription automatically closes, providing traders with greater convenience and control over their investments.

Improving the drag&drop functionality in the Market Watch of the Match-Trader platform

We’ve implemented a crucial improvement for desktop users regarding the activation of the symbol order change function in Market Watch. With this update, the drag&drop feature, which allows for rearranging the order of symbols, now activates significantly faster in web version. This simplification makes customizing the symbol list intuitive and hassle-free.

Benefits for Brokers:

Our latest enhancement in Market Watch significantly improves user ergonomics, making the interaction with the tool more intuitive and enjoyable. The ease with which users can now adjust the order of symbols directly translates to a positive experience using the platform. This functionality not only simplifies preference management but also boosts overall user satisfaction, which is key to maintaining their loyalty and interest in the Broker’s platform.

Setting minimum subscription amounts for Money Managers

Brokers now have the ability to set a minimum subscription amount for each Money Manager on their platform. Once this amount is established, traders will not be able to subscribe to a particular Money Manager’s services with an amount lower than the specified minimum.

Benefits for Brokers:

This feature grants Money Managers greater control and flexibility in managing their services, allowing them to set minimum investment amounts that align with their portfolio management strategy. Such customization of subscription conditions not only enhances the appeal of their offerings to potential investors but also allows for a better alignment with the expectations and needs of clients.

Dogecoin and XRP Deposits are now available for Match2Pay users

We’re continually seeking new ways to enhance payment experiences in the rapidly evolving world of cryptocurrencies. This December, we’re excited to announce the addition of Dogecoin and XRP to our supported currency list, significantly increasing the flexibility and convenience of the payment process.

Benefits for Brokers:

This new feature allows our partners to offer their clients a broader range of deposit options, a crucial factor in attracting and retaining a customer base. Moreover, thanks to the low transaction fees and fast transfer speeds of Dogecoin and XRP, our users can enjoy minimized deposit costs. This innovation not only simplifies financial operations but also contributes to attracting new clients who are looking for diverse and efficient payment methods.

New “Swap Multipliers” feature in the Match-Trader Administrator

This December, we also introduced a “Swap Multipliers” feature in the Match-Trader Administrator panel, enabling Brokers to flexibly manage swap multipliers for different days of the week. In the newly added “Swaps” tab in group settings, Brokers can now easily configure swap multipliers to suit their needs. This functionality, for instance, allows the elimination of swap charges during weekends, instead offering the option of tripling swap charges on a selected day of the week.

Benefits for Brokers:

The new “Swap Multipliers” feature in the Match-Trader panel provides Brokers with significantly greater control over the swap charging process. The flexibility in setting multipliers for different days of the week enables brokers to better tailor charging schedules to the unique characteristics of each instrument, leading to more efficient risk management.

Enhanced transparency in fee display in the Match-Trader platform

This December, we introduced a significant upgrade in how fees are displayed in the Match-Trader platform’s payment system, encompassing two key changes:

For Deposits: If processing or deposit fees are set in the settings of a particular payment gateway, these fees will now be clearly displayed within the Match-Trader platform, along with the net amount below. This ensures users are fully aware of any additional charges incurred during transactions.

For Withdrawals and Deposits: In cases where processing or deposit/withdrawal fees are configured in the gateway settings, these fees will be automatically deducted from the “Amount” displayed, providing a clearer, more accurate view of the transaction.

Benefits for Brokers:

Incorporating fee transparency establishes Brokers as reliable and investor-friendly platforms, strengthening trust among users. This clear visibility of fees enables clients to make informed decisions, choosing the most suitable payment gateway for their transactions. This approach can increase client satisfaction and loyalty, as users appreciate the straightforward and user-centric approach to financial dealings.

Enhanced “Share My Trade” functionality on the Match-Trader Platform

We’ve implemented a significant update to the “Share My Trade” feature on the Match-Trader platform. We’ve enhanced the graphics shared by users, incorporating vital information about the point size difference between the opening and closing prices of transactions. This innovation provides traders with an additional level of analysis, making it easier to assess the performance of their closed positions and enabling them to share their trading strategies with the investor community.

Benefits for Brokers:

This enhancement enables a more detailed market analysis by precisely tracking the price range of closed positions. This functionality is particularly beneficial for Money Managers, who can showcase their investment results and promote their services among current and potential subscribers. This update is another way to promote the Broker’s platform and attract both experienced Money Managers and novice traders. As a result, this new feature can effectively increase the platform’s visibility and interest within the investor community.

Quality connection monitoring in the Match-Trader mobile app

Users of the Match-Trader mobile app can now easily monitor the quality of their internet connection thanks to a new feature. Similar to the desktop version, we have introduced an option to check the exact ping value. To use this feature, navigate to the ‘Account’ tab and tap on the connection quality indicator located at the top of the screen.

Benefits for Brokers:

This new feature allows for easy monitoring of connection quality without the need for external tools, which is particularly useful in situations where there might be delays in placing orders. The ability to quickly identify potential connection issues enables effective management and minimizes operational risk. Additionally, increased transparency and the ability to effectively manage internet connection quality potentially contribute to improved user satisfaction and retention on the platform, which is crucial for maintaining market competitiveness.

Changing the tab naming in our Forex CRM

In our commitment to continually improving the user interface, we have changed the tab naming in our Forex CRM. ‘Audit Logs’ have been renamed to ‘CRM Audit Logs’ and ‘System Logs’ to ‘Client Logs’.

Benefits for Brokers:

These changes in the CRM tab naming are significant as they more accurately reflect their content. This makes data management more intuitive and efficient for users. Brokers can now find the necessary information more quickly and easily, leading to better management and customer service.

Improving the Subscription Fee calculation in our Social Trading solution

In our Social Trading solution, we have introduced a change in how subscription fees are calculated. Now, the fee is charged immediately upon subscription activation. If the subscription is terminated before the set period ends, the difference in fees will be refunded to the trader’s account.

Benefits for Brokers:

With this change, investors pay the subscription fee only for the actual duration of copying transactions from a Money Manager. This eliminates unnecessary costs in case of an early termination of the subscription. Consequently, this leads to greater transparency and fairness in billing.

Improving data presentation in the Match-Trader Manager App

In our ongoing effort to improve solutions for Forex Brokers, we are focused on enhancing user experience. In December, we implemented a significant update to the Match-Trader Manager app, introducing a thousand separators in selected tables and views. Previously, numerical data without separators could be challenging to read. This new data presentation format significantly improves readability, facilitating a quick understanding of the values.

Benefits for Brokers:

This update greatly enhances user experiences, making interactions with the app more intuitive and enjoyable. The use of a thousand separators speeds up and simplifies the reading and interpretation of large numbers. Additionally, tailoring data displays to user preferences demonstrates our commitment to meeting the needs and expectations of our clients.

Enhanced Navigation in Match-Trader Manager App

We have introduced a new feature in the Match-Trader Manager app aimed at simplifying the navigation. Now, users can directly access the detailed view of a client’s account from the Active Orders, Orders, and Closed Trades tabs, similar to the functionality in the Positions tab. Double-clicking on any row in these tabs opens a window with the client’s data, and the client view automatically adjusts to the tab from which the transition was made.

Benefits for Brokers:

This innovation significantly enhances the efficiency and speed of navigation within the app, facilitating access to detailed information about trader’s accounts. The ability to directly navigate to the relevant tab of a client’s account from different app sections greatly improves the user experience, making managing and reviewing information more straightforward. This enhancement elevates the quality of service and operational efficiency for Brokers, enabling them to operate more quickly and intuitively within the app.

“DisableTrading” Feature in Match-Trader Administrator

In the Match-Trader Administrator, we’ve implemented a new “disableTrading” option within the symbol configuration for groups. This feature allows Brokers to swiftly disable trading on specific symbols while still providing clients with access to the current prices of these instruments.

Benefits for Brokers:

The introduction of the “disableTrading” option significantly simplifies the process of managing trade access to selected symbols. Brokers gain increased efficiency and flexibility in their management, enabling better adaptation to changing market conditions and client needs.

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