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MetaTrader 5 (MT5), starting from build 4150, introduces floating leverage support in the administrator terminal, enabling brokers to adjust leverage settings depending on the situation and company policies.

With floating leverage, you can flexibly adjust the required margin size depending on the open position volumes. This offers smaller traders the opportunity to utilize maximum leverage. Also, it reduces the risks when dealing with larger clients.

This solution is integrated into the MetaTrader 5 trading platform, and you can start using it immediately at no additional cost.

While some brokerage companies have previously worked with floating leverages in MetaTrader 5, they had to use third-party solutions, which caused certain inconveniences due to incomplete compatibility with the platform. MetaQuotes’ solution is free from any compatibility issues and offers a range of advantages opening up even more opportunities for your business development.

floating margin specification

Native integration. Developed in-house by MetaQuotes, the solution is integrated into the platform, ensuring accurate interaction with all components. The new functionality does not affect speed, reliability, or any other MetaTrader 5 operation aspects.

Transparency. The entire process is transparent to the brokerage company, which completely manages leverage settings. More importantly, end-users also benefit from full transparency, as they can view all conditions directly within their terminals.

Compatibility with trading robots. The solution is fully compatible with trading robots, ensuring accurate margin calculations by algorithmic programs. This unique advantage cannot be achieved through third-party solutions, which may interact incorrectly with the trading platform, leading to the inaccurate execution of trading strategies.

Automation capabilities. Using Automations, an integrated service in the platform, you can enable automatic rule adjustments. Changes will be applied automatically under certain predefined conditions. For example, leverage can be automatically reduced an hour before trading closing time, when market liquidity is low, to mitigate potential trading abuse. Such automation can assist in planning risk reduction strategies and in promptly responding to any significant events that pose potential threats to your business.

Flexibility. Leverage settings can be applied to individual symbols or symbol groups, allowing you to apply common settings for the symbols in which you expect changes. Create multiple rule sets and switch between them automatically or manually as needed.

Cost-free. There’s no need for any investments, whether financial or time-related. Configure the required rules in just a few clicks and benefit from new opportunities without any additional costs or complexities.

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