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By ForexTime 

  • FXTM launches 6 new stock indices
  • NETH25 gaining more than Gold, US stock indices so far in 2024
  • NETH25 tracks 25 largest and most-traded Dutch stocks
  • NETH25 index includes ASML – Europe’s most-valuable tech company
  • Experts predict this stock index could rise another 8.6% in 12 months


FXTM’s new NETH25 stock index has been on an unrelenting search for new record highs!

The current ATH (all-time high) for this stock index stands at 879.3, posted yesterday (Monday, March 25th).

NOTE: 11 of the 18 different stock indices offered across FXTM’s platforms have posted record highs respectively so far in 2024!


Although the uptrend is on a pause at the time of writing,

the NETH25 index is still up by about 11.5% so far this year!

The NETH25’s index’s year-to-date gains have outperformed those of other popular assets:

  • NAS100 stock index: +8.6%
  • Gold: +5.3%
  • US Dollar index: +2.8%


What is a stock index?

Imagine a stock index being a basket of many different stocks.

The index measures the overall performance of those stocks inside that “basket”.


What does the NETH25 stock index track?

FXTMs NETH25 stock index tracks the performance of the AEX index – the Amsterdam Exchange index.

The AEX index measures the overall performance of the 25 biggest and most actively traded shares on Euronext Amsterdam.

The AEX index includes well-known companies such as ASML, Shell, Unilever, ING, Universal Music Group, and Heineken, among others.

FUN FACT: The Amsterdam Stock Exchange is generally considered to be the oldest stock exchange in the world, established in 1602.



3 key things to know about the NETH25 index:


1) NETH25 is a tech-heavy stock index

Tech stocks account for over 25% of the AEX index, led by ASML – Europe’s most-valuable tech company.

Note how tech companies leading the charge upwards for many stock markets around the world, from Nvidia in the US, to Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing in Taiwan.

In similar fashion, the NETH25 index is also soaring upwards thanks to the ongoing AI-mania which is bolstering demand for semiconductors.



2) NETH25 battling for 2nd-best performing FXTM stock index so far in 2024

Here are the top-5 biggest gainers of the 18 stock indices offered across FXTM’s platforms:

  1. JAP225: +20.7%
  2. EU50: 11.6%
  3. NETH25: 11.5%
  4. TWN: +9.7%
  5. US500: 9.4%

9 of the AEX Index’s 25 member stocks have already posted double-digit year-to-date gains, which is helping the NETH25 keep pace with the overall surge in global stock indices.



3) NETH25 index forecasted to climb another 8.6% over next 12 months

Over the next 12 months, the AEX index is expected by expert financial analysts to cross over the 950 level.

If so, that marks 8.6% in potential gains, with a further upside of 76 index points.

Of course, markets hardly ever move in a straight line, and there are bound to be twists and turns along the way, presenting trading opportunities for both buyers and sellers.



Still, over the longer-term horizon, as long as a AI-mania can keep chugging along, bolstered further by a rosier outlook for the European economy, thanks to incoming rate cuts by the European Central Bank 

that should enable the NETH25 index to post multiple new record highs along the way.

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