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OSL Digital Securities, a core entity of OSL Group, has been chosen as the first virtual asset trading and sub-custodian partner by China Asset Management (Hong Kong), a leading asset management company in Hong Kong, facilitating the approval in principle and launch of its inaugural spot Bitcoin/Ethereum ETFs in Hong Kong.

This collaboration marks a critical advancement in the financial landscape of the region, heralding a new chapter in digital asset investments.

With few markets worldwide accommodating Spot BTC/ETH ETFs, Hong Kong’s initiative places it alongside pioneering regions such as Canada, Germany, and Switzerland. Reflecting on the U.S. experience where Spot Bitcoin ETFs garnered over $12.53B (source: SosoValue , as of 12 Apr 2024), the potential for Hong Kong’s market is substantial and commands market attention.

In this partnership, OSL utilizes its well-established infrastructure to ensure a safe trading environment crucial for the ETF’s operations, meticulously managing the underlying assets. As the sub-custodian, OSL provides exemplary security and meets regulatory standards, delivering premier custody services that maintain the integrity and safety of the assets managed.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with the talented team at China AMC, marking this milestone in the ETF landscape,” said Patrick Pan, Chairman of the Board & CEO of OSL. “Being chosen as the first virtual asset exchange and sub-custodian partner not only reflects the high regard in which OSL is held but also demonstrates our commitment to advancing digital asset investments in Hong Kong, mirroring the trend of reputable partnerships seen in the U.S. market.”

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