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MyFlashFunding has confirmed that a large number of its traders have been faced with delayed payouts from the retail prop trading firm.

We had reported a few weeks ago that MyFlashFunding was removed from prop trading comparison site, with Propfirmmatch reporting that many clients had been informing of denied payouts and adjusted client accounts. MyFlashFunding blamed what it called a “data feed issue” which created an unusually favorable environment for traders, leading the company to adjust certain client accounts, and deny payouts.

Over the past weekend, MyFlashFunding CEO Blake Carter communicated over Discord the following message regarding the payouts-to-clients issue:

Payouts Announcement @everyone

We completely understand that there have been some rumors and negative perspectives related to payouts.

There are currently less than 50 traders waiting for their payout, and the most anyone has been waiting is two weeks, not a month like people are saying.

We will continue paying out each trader one by one (in order) this week as we have done for the last two weeks.

While the data feed issue was, in our eyes, handled correctly, some of the public did not believe so which we completely understand. In resolution, this caused us to be removed by multiple affiliates with negative backlash in the publics eyes.

Operations have continued as usual, and we are in a much better spot than some traders are spreading/speculating.

We appreciate your incredible patience. We are so excited to get back to same day payouts.

As a side note, sending us threats is not the answer and may result in removal from our community. We are all human. We are all trying to get to the same place. Love is the answer, and so many of you have continued to support us during these times.

I am so proud of MYFF and what we’ve done, and the past 4 weeks will not define us.

Thank you all for absolutely everything. ⚡️

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