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Well this is a little outside of our typical FX and CFDs industry news coverage.

Swiss-American Hyperloop technology startup Swisspod Technologies has announced a new strategic partnership with Retail FX and CFDs broker, marking what it calls a significant step towards revolutionizing global transportation.

The parties said that and Swisspod will join forces to shape a more connected and environmentally conscious world. By combining resources, knowledge, and innovation, both companies aim to accelerate the development and deployment of hyperloop technology globally, and unlock new opportunities for economic growth and societal advancement.

Swisspod said that brings to the table extensive experience in financial services and investment capabilities, pivotal in fueling the advancement and commercialization of hyperloop technology. The company’s decision to invest in a futuristic transit system aligns seamlessly with its commitment to offering cutting-edge trading products and services to a diverse range of clients worldwide.

Shoaib Abedi ICMShoaib Abedi, Founder of said:

“ is excited to embark on this transformative journey with Swisspod. This partnership is a testament to our commitment to an innovative future. Aligned with Swisspod’s groundbreaking advancements, our objective is to contribute to creating a more sustainable and interconnected world. At, we proactively seek opportunities to make a meaningful impact on the global landscape.”

For Swisspod, the collaboration with signals a leap forward into a new era of innovation and progress in high-speed transportation. With access to crucial resources for research and development, Swisspod is forging ahead in its mission to pioneer hyperloop technology, edging closer to performing the world’s first 1-Hour Hyperloop Ride in Switzerland. Beyond financial backing, Swisspod gains valuable strategic guidance from, empowering the company with foresight into long-term planning and market dynamics. This partnership strengthens Swisspod’s credibility and attracts strong investor support, solidifying its position as a leader in the industry.

Denis Tudor SwisspodDenis Tudor SwisspodDenis Tudor, CEO of Swisspod added:

“The strategic alliance between Swisspod and ICM is not just a partnership, but a convergence of shared vision and values. It aligns with both our companies’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible and driving innovation on a global scale. ICM’s financial prowess and strategic insights will significantly accelerate our progress, bringing us closer to a future where hyperloop technology transforms the way we connect. We are confident that our synergies will lead to groundbreaking advancements in the field of high-speed transportation, ultimately benefiting communities, businesses, the environment, and the world at large.”

Swisspod’s achievements include establishing Europe’s first operational hyperloop infrastructure and ongoing testing endeavors, and the continuous progress in constructing the world’s first full-scale hyperloop hub, designed for long-haul missions, in the US.

With endorsement from the Swiss Government, including two grants from Innosuisse, Swisspod is primed to sustain its upward trajectory, propelling the advancement of sustainable, high-speed transportation solutions into the future. Moreover, the company has solidified its commitment to innovation through a Memorandum of Understanding signed with both the Swiss and Indian Governments, alongside TuTr Hyperloop. Together, they are focused on the development and deployment of hyperloop technology in India, marking a significant step toward the future of transportation.‍

Shoaib Abedi and Denis Tudor ICM Swisspod hyperloopShoaib Abedi and Denis Tudor ICM Swisspod hyperloop’s Shoaib Abedi and Swisspod CEO Denis Tudor discussing the future of hyperloop technology.

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