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Talos, a provider of institutional technology for trading digital assets, announced its acquisition of Cloudwall, a developer of digital asset risk technology.

The technology and expertise of Cloudwall is set to enhance Talos’s existing portfolio management system (PMS), expanding it to deliver the industry’s next generation of portfolio management tools for digital assets.

“The acquisition of Cloudwall is a cornerstone in our strategy to enhance and expand our portfolio management solutions,” said Anton Katz, CEO and Co-Founder of Talos. “This collaboration is foundational in our roadmap towards delivering an innovative PMS that promises to redefine industry standards in managing digital assets. Our clients can look forward to additional sophisticated tools to support their decision-making and optimize their digital asset portfolios.”

Talos and Cloudwall have focused exclusively on serving institutions with the shared goal of facilitating institutional adoption of digital assets. For institutional investors, who manage large pools of assets, many with strict fiduciary responsibilities, risk management systems are essential to protect and grow their investment portfolios. With this acquisition, Talos is investing in institutional-grade risk management technology to help clients assess and mitigate risks unique to digital asset portfolios.

“Talos and Cloudwall share a view that in the future all assets will be digital assets,” said Kyle Downey, CEO and Co-Founder of Cloudwall. “Risk is fundamental to finance, whatever the asset class, and digital assets are no exception. That’s why we’re excited to continue our mission of building the risk management defenses that institutions need to trade digital assets – under the auspices of Talos.”

In Q1 of 2023, Talos acquired D3X Systems, which advanced its capabilities in portfolio engineering in support of client-driven systematic investment strategies – including tools for portfolio optimization, strategy backtesting, portfolio rebalancing, and risk and return attribution. Clients can also view and manage their positions across custodians, balances across exchanges and credit across dealers. With Cloudwall’s additional expertise in portfolio risk systems, Talos is well positioned to accelerate the development of a comprehensive portfolio management system across spot, futures, perps and options.

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