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Blockchain is one of the revolutionary technology trends that have changed the ways in which businesses work in recent times. It has been popular as the foundation for cryptocurrencies and has gained popularity for creation of dApps and other decentralized solutions. Do you want to find the top blockchain career path according to your skills? You can find the answer in different types of career opportunities with monetary benefits. 

Blockchain has led to the rise of multiple career paths for roles such as blockchain developers, blockchain consultants, and web3 experts. However, it is difficult to find the ideal career path in blockchain because it is a new technology. Is the blockchain developer career path a reliable choice for you? Many other questions like these would affect your decision to pursue a career in blockchain. 

People thought that blockchain would only serve as a technology for creating cryptocurrencies. On the contrary, blockchain technology has shown its potential for different use cases in the digital landscape. At the same time, the choice of a blockchain career path has emerged as a top trend among aspiring professionals. Why do you need a career path? Will it deliver any benefits for a career in blockchain? Can you find relevant skill paths for top roles in the blockchain job market? Find the answers to these questions and learn more about the top career paths for blockchain professionals. 

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Why Should You Choose a Career Path in Blockchain?

The most important question for you right now would revolve around the reasons to choose a career path in blockchain. Interestingly, you can find the ideal answer in most popular blockchain career opportunities and the salary for blockchain professionals. As a technology, blockchain presents promising potential for disruption and innovation. Distributed ledger technology has been perceived as a game-changer for different industries. 

Experts have also proved that blockchain could improve transparency and accountability in industries such as healthcare and manufacturing. On top of it, blockchain plays a crucial role in addressing the concerns of fraud in financial systems. The benefits of blockchain innovation could lead to promising results in the shared economy without requirements of centralized control. 

The traits of blockchain, such as immutability, also serve as prominent reasons for investing your efforts in learning blockchain. If you want to know how to start career in blockchain, then you must know about the potential of smart contracts. As a blockchain professional, you could explore the possibilities for business model innovation. 

Some of the most popular use cases of blockchain technology include DeFi, NFTs, and dApps for different sectors. Interestingly, the popularity of these solutions has been growing by huge margins in recent times. Furthermore, the drive for Web3 adoption has also increased the demand for trained blockchain experts. 

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Why Do You Need a Career Path?

Blockchain is a technological concept, and you could learn about it to prepare for your desired job role. What is the role of a career path in your professional development? You can find the right answer to such questions by reflecting on the advantages of a career path. Let’s assume the example of a blockchain developer career path to understand the importance of career paths. 

The career path for a blockchain developer would provide a clear impression of the skills you need for the job. In addition, it can help you pursue a structured approach to achieve your career goals. The most important benefit of a career path is the direction of your preparation efforts. 

Career paths could help you find the ideal training resources required for learning the important skills to prepare for a specific job role. On the other hand, career paths could also save you time and effort required to prepare for blockchain jobs. Most of the aspiring candidates are drawn toward blockchain career salary figures like moths towards a lamp. 

The lucrative salary predictions for different blockchain roles can serve as motivation to pursue new career opportunities in blockchain. With a career path, you could ensure that you have all the skills required to claim highest possible salary estimates in your desired blockchain jobs. Most important of all, career paths also provide guidance regarding the ideal certifications to achieve your career objectives.

Which Career Paths Can Help You?

The importance of a career in blockchain and the benefits of a blockchain career path provide a glimpse of the value of career paths. On the other hand, you might have doubts regarding the choice of a career path. Which platform offers the best career paths for blockchain professionals? How will you choose a career path from multiple alternatives? You can find the ideal answer to all these questions with 101 Blockchains. 

The leading pioneer in blockchain education and research has crafted specialized career paths for aspiring professionals. The advantages of the career paths depend on how you want to shape your career in the domain of blockchain. Each career path helps you identify the essential training resources required for developing skills to work in your desired blockchain roles. Here are the notable career paths on 101 Blockchains for individuals who want a career in blockchain.

top blockchain career paths with salaries

Blockchain consultants are the trained professionals responsible for guiding businesses in the effective integration and implementation of blockchain in their operations. It is the top blockchain career path for professionals from technical and non-technical backgrounds to pursue a career in blockchain. 

The primary objective of blockchain consultants focuses on evaluation of the potential of blockchain and identification of business requirements. Blockchain consultants also guide businesses in effective development of blockchain-based systems alongside serving as assistants in the development of blockchain-based solutions. On top of it, blockchain consultants also help in ensuring regulatory compliance. 

Blockchain consultants should also have strong communication skills alongside the ability to understand requirements of the organization. Blockchain consultants could help in ensuring personalization in blockchain solutions. The blockchain career salary for consultants could vary between $70,000 and $90,000 annually. The value contributed by blockchain consultants is the foremost reason to choose the role for your blockchain career development journey.

The next common addition among career paths preferred by blockchain professionals is that of a blockchain developer. It qualifies as one of the most popular blockchain career opportunities with diverse opportunities for working. Blockchain developers are responsible for creating new and innovative blockchain solutions for use cases in different industries. 

The salary for blockchain developers could vary between $125,000 and $1450,000, according to your skills and experience. What are the important skills you need for becoming a blockchain developer? First of all, you must familiarize yourself with the fundamental concepts of blockchain technology, including smart contracts, consensus mechanisms, and peer-to-peer transactions. 

Candidates preparing for a blockchain developer career path should learn about Ethereum and how transactions work on blockchain networks. You should also focus on the important tools required in Ethereum development, such as Integrated Development Environments. Aspiring blockchain developers must also learn about Solidity fundamentals and the best practices for programming in Solidity. 

You should also work on improving your skills in smart contract development with tools like Truffle and Hardhat. Most important of all, candidates must also focus on learning about fundamentals of DeFi security. Subsequently, you must pay attention to enterprise blockchain platforms, such as Hyperledger Fabric and Corda, to create blockchain-based systems and applications for businesses.

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Blockchain developers help in creating blockchain-based systems and solutions for businesses. However, blockchain engineers move one step ahead and help businesses manage the technical aspects of blockchain solutions. If you want to find out how to start career in blockchain, then you must learn about the blockchain engineer role. 

Blockchain engineers play a crucial role in ensuring that businesses use the best resources to create blockchain solutions. The responsibility of blockchain engineers revolves around ensuring desired quality in all areas of the project. Blockchain engineers also take charge of the testing and automation of blockchain solutions. It is important to note that the average annual salary for blockchain engineers is between $120,000 and $140,000. 

You might wonder about the topics covered in a blockchain career path for aspiring blockchain engineers. Aspiring blockchain engineers should start with a detailed awareness of blockchain development fundamentals. Candidates must go through an in-depth review of Ethereum technology to identify effective solutions for improving the effectiveness of blockchain solutions. 

You should also learn about the AWS Blockchain as a Service to learn the best practices for using managed blockchain services. Blockchain engineers also need expertise to ensure data privacy and security of transactions with blockchain solutions. Therefore, aspiring blockchain engineers must have a fluent understanding of the relationship between data privacy and blockchain alongside the applications of Zero Knowledge Proofs. 

Blockchain engineers should also have an in-depth understanding of tokenization, DeFi security, smart contract development, and Solidity programming. On top of it, the career path for blockchain engineers also focuses on learning about new platforms such as Polygon and Hedera. Blockchain engineers should stay updated with information about popular tools that can revolutionize the blockchain landscape.

The top blockchain career path for any aspiring professional would point towards the role of blockchain expert. What is a blockchain expert? As the name implies, a blockchain expert is an individual who knows everything about blockchain technology and its use cases. Interestingly, you can also become a blockchain expert with an exceptionally lucrative salary estimate. The job of a blockchain expert focuses on serving guidance to organizations for improving their blockchain solutions. 

The average blockchain career salary for blockchain experts is between $145,000 and $165,000. With such an exceptional salary package, it is reasonable to believe that you would need a broader set of skills. Apart from blockchain fundamentals, you should invest time in learning about DeFi, metaverse, and NFTs alongside their relationships with blockchain.

You should also learn how blockchain helped in designing the foundations of the first cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. On top of it, you must also familiarize yourself with Ethereum technology, stablecoins, Polygon, and CBDCs. Furthermore, blockchain experts must have technical fluency in DeFi with the capabilities for designing, architecting, and deploying DeFi protocols. 

Similar to a blockchain expert, Web3 experts could also command better salaries than entry-level professionals. As a Web3 expert, you need to showcase your fluency in Web3 technologies alongside skills for developing Web3 solutions. Interestingly, the blockchain career path for Web3 experts is the same as that for a blockchain expert. The average blockchain career salary for Web3 experts is between $195,000 and $230,000.

However, the responsibilities of Web3 experts extend beyond creating and improving blockchain-based solutions for businesses. On the contrary, Web3 experts have to envision the design of new projects such as NFTs, metaverse platforms, and new DeFi protocols. The growing momentum of web3 adoption presents valid reasons to choose the web3 expert career path.

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How Can You Choose a Career Path?

The selection of a career path in blockchain can be one of the toughest tasks for a beginner. One of the common mistakes of beginners is the assumption that blockchain developer career path is the only way to build your career in blockchain. Interestingly, you can explore diverse career paths for becoming a blockchain professional in the role of your choice. 

If you don’t want to become a blockchain developer, you can become a blockchain security expert. However, it is important to choose your career path with caution. You should review your existing skills and goals for a career in blockchain to identify a suitable career path. On top of that, you should choose a trustworthy platform for comprehensive guidance to achieve your career goals.

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Final Words 

The review of notable blockchain career opportunities with distinct career paths shows that blockchain is a popular technological advancement. It is important to learn the fundamentals of blockchain and smart contracts before stepping into a career in blockchain. On the other hand, a blockchain career path for your desired role could help you hone the skills required for the job. Most important of all, career paths could help you prepare for your blockchain career with an organized structure. Explore the details of training courses in the different career paths on 101 Blockchains and find your ideal way forward now.

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