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Today, TradingView introduced its collaboration with Substack, an online publishing platform that has recently integrated the TradingView Advanced Chart widget into its writing functionality, empowering authors to seamlessly visualize market analysis.

Launched in 2017, today, Substack offers publishing, payment, analytics, and design tools created to support subscription newsletters. It is a platform where writers and creators can monetize their content through paid subscriptions, building a direct connection between creators and their audience. Substack has a subscription network of over 35 million active subscriptions, including more than 3 million paid ones.

As Substack expands its offerings to accommodate more creators, from writers and podcasters to musicians and scientists, they envision collaboratively building a new economic model for cultural expression.

With the integration of the TradingView Advanced Chart widget, Substack authors will be able to incorporate stock, cryptocurrency, and other charts directly into their articles. This functionality enhances the depth of market research for finance and investing publishers, enabling them to deliver more comprehensive and consistent content to their readers — all within the familiar Substack interface.

With TradingView and Substack showing a commitment to knowledge sharing and delivering high-quality content, this partnership will contribute to advancing global financial content creation, education, and analysis.

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