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TradingView today announced an upgrade for its partnership with FYERS by adding options trading capabilities within its broker integration.

Launched nine years ago in Bengaluru, India’s Silicon Valley, today, Fyers serves over 500,000 customers and has a daily turnover exceeding ₹150,000 Cr. FYERS is also renowned for its technological superiority, including order execution in less than 50 milliseconds, adding even more testament to the broker’s commitment to innovation and customer service.

As a TradingView integrated broker and a partner of leading Indian exchanges, FYERS allows trading stocks, futures, commodities, and mutual funds on NSE, MCX, and BSE through the TradingView platform. Options have now been officially added to this list, and FYERS clients can explore more market opportunities and risk-managing strategies.

To get started, head to the trading panel, find the FYERS icon and log in with your brokerage credentials.

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