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Brokerage software solutions provider UpTrader has announced the company is launching support for Prop Trading within its Forex CRM ecosystem. All UpTrader clients from the basic Self-served to Enterprise plan will get access to Prop Trading mode.

Vasily Alexeev UpTraderVasily Alexeev, UpTrader CEO said:

“In 2022, when prop firms began to emerge, they didn’t seem to me like they would have a long lifespan.

“However, now in 2024, we can all see that prop trading is thriving. At UpTrader, we are not only creating a fundamental infrastructure for brokers that provides everything required to build a strong business, but we also respond to highly demanded services if we see sustained demand from the market and a promising future perspective.

I’m pleased to announce that we have finally launched a Prop Firm Module for our UpTrader CRM. We invite brokers to take advantage of the extensive capabilities of UpTrader Forex CRM including Prop Trading Accounts and take your business to the next level.”

Prop trading overview

Prop trading, short for proprietary trading, is when a firm, often referred to as a prop firm, engages in trading financial instruments with its own money rather than using clients’ funds. This is distinctly different from traditional retail or client-driven trading, as the primary aim here is for the firm to earn direct profits from its trading activities. Proprietary trading firms hire traders, who act more as subcontractors rather than traditional employees, to execute trades. The profits generated from these activities are typically shared between the traders and the firm, with traders often taking a significant portion of the profits due to their role in generating them.

One of the key distinctions between proprietary trading and retail trading is the source of capital. In retail trading, individuals trade with their own money and are subject to their own risk tolerance and strategies, whereas in prop trading, the capital is provided by the firm. Prop traders are required to follow the firm’s trading strategies and risk management protocols.

About UpTrader

UpTrader is a CRM provider, boasting over a decade of expertise in crafting innovative solutions specifically for the Forex market. Its specialty lies in cloud-based solutions designed to cater to the varied needs of brokers, with our key offering being the Forex CRM. UpTrader’s extensive array of services further encompasses White Labels of trading platforms, as well as Forex and Cryptocurrency Liquidity, and a Copy Trading Platform.

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